Friday, April 18, 2014

Another busy week...

Sunday was motorcross for the boys... Drew got tickets from Santa.

On Monday, our new roof arrived...  it took all day Tuesday and a good portion of Wednesday for them to finish.

By Wednesday, we had this!

We had two offers over the weekend and signed a contract on Monday... what I hope to be our last one! With the new roof, my realtor is feeling confident.  She went straight to the "sold" sign, in the past we had "sale pending." lol  We set a closing date of May 30 and are hoping to move straight into the new house, fingers crossed!!

Also on Wednesday, I went to U of H Clear Lake to see a play Brady was in.  He played Prince Charming and Hansel.  It was part of his GT class - they were given several choices of classes to be in, and acting is the one he chose.

Drew lost another tooth this week! It's been loose for quite some time.  But, then he somehow managed to get hit in the face with a basketball while at the neighbor's house.  After he calmed down, I asked if I should try to pull it and he decided that I could. One good yank was all it took!

Yesterday was Mallory's egg hunt at school.  Today we colored eggs.  Brady wasn't really interested, guess he wasn't bored enough.  Drew was out playing with a friend and ended up coloring a few when he was home later in the day.

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