Thursday, June 12, 2014

New house pics

It's been a very busy week here! We had several furniture deliveries, a sprinkler system installed, and the kitchen backsplash installed.  We also had a handful of people out to work out some issues - I thought my dryer had stopped working in the move, but it turns out that the gas line was blocked.  Our shower was leaking, and there was an issue with the AC.  The frame of my new couch is cracked and, OF COURSE, it's a custom order so it will be a while before it's replaced.  Our old home phone number was supposed to move with us, but we ended up with a new number after Comcast didn't quite do their job correctly :(  All in all, though, things are coming together and we are enjoying the new house.

Some pics of the downstairs...

 Walking in through the front door - study to the left,
dining room to the right, living room straight ahead

dining room

Guest bathroom

Living room with my new/broken couch! Next purchase is
some kind of coffee table or ottoman...

Looking into the kitchen from the living room -

From the other direction -

New table and chairs

Master bath - shower and toilet are across from the vanity

Master closet

No pic of our master bedroom yet because I have a collage of pictures sitting on the floor that I'm determined to get up in the next couple days!